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The Latest Twitter-Famous Kitten From Japan

Wasabi-chan is the latest "famous internet cat" from Japan who's known for her adorable but rather uncomfortable-looking outfits. You say it's animal abuse? No, there's a very legitimate reason behind the costumes. Discover a touching story between Wasabi-chan and her foster parent, @jessiepon!

Introducing Wasabi-chan.

This is where it all started.

The first time the kitten appeared in a baby covering.

Then, this photo was uploaded, making Wasabi-chan an instant superstar on Japanese Twitter.

For people who are not familiar with tarako...

She became extremely popular...

Day by day, Wasabi-chan shows improvement in her health.

She got a new outfit — shimeji mushroom!

Around this time...

Some people complained that putting a kitten in an outfit like this is an animal abuse, which drove @jessiepon into locking her Twitter account as private. Clearly, these people have no context to why the owner makes Wasabi-chan wear it. It's not for fun, but for feeding the kitten without her trying to fight back. Sudden movements can end up suffocating the kitten or hurting her throat/stomach! Luckily,@jessiepon opened up the account to public again.

Wasabi-chan sends a message to the world with her wasabi plant outfit.

She gets along with other members of the family too!

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