What songs are popular in Japan? This is not ranked by CD sales, it’s ranked by what’s being sang the most in Japanese karaoke! Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

1. 10. Hanamizuki by Yo Hitoto

2. 9. Matryoshka by Hachi feat. Hatsune Miku & GUMI

3. 8. Kiseki by Greeeen

4. 7. Chiisana Koi no Uta by Mongol800

5. 6. Flying Get by AKB48

6. 5. Eikou no Kakehashi by Yuzu

7. 4. Zankoku na Tenshi no These by Yoko Takahashi

8. 3. Senbonzakura by Whilte Flame feat. Hatsune Miku

9. 2. Memeshikute by Golden Bomber

10. 1. Heavy Rotation by AKB48

Japanese people love to karaoke, and evidently they sing all kind of songs ranging from idol JPOP to anime, vocaloid, visual kei, hip hop.

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