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10 Hottest Japanese Visual Kei Bands With Most Beautiful Men

Presenting the most beautiful men of J-rock! 10 best looking visual kei bands were determined by popular votes. Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

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8. SuG


363 votes. Their band name "SuG" is based on English term "thug," spelled intentionally so to make it familiar for Japanese tongue. Vocalist Takeru also runs his original apparel brand called million$orchestra.

3. Golden Bomber

Via http://今日の速報ニュース.jp/wp1/1101.html

707 votes. Members of this band all have strong characters and they do not actually play any instruments. They consider themselves "air guitar bands," which I guess in a way truly makes them a visual kei (visual-focused band).

1. ViViD


1306 votes. ViViD is a young and talented band debuted in 2011. Their music is extremely catchy, and also they've composed themes to several anime titles such as BLEACH ("BLUE"), Gundam AGE ("REAL"), and Level E ("Yume: mugen no kanata").

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