10 Hottest Japanese Visual Kei Bands With Most Beautiful Men

Presenting the most beautiful men of J-rock! 10 best looking visual kei bands were determined by popular votes. Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Find more articles on our blog.

10. Acid Black Cherry

320 votes. This is a solo project of yasu, a vocalist from another very popular visual kei band, Janne Da Arc.

9. Kiryuu (乙龍)

338 votes. “Japanesque horror” and “agonizing nostalgia” are the characteristic styles they pursue. Love the outfits!

8. SuG

363 votes. Their band name “SuG” is based on English term “thug,” spelled intentionally so to make it familiar for Japanese tongue. Vocalist Takeru also runs his original apparel brand called million$orchestra.

7. Nightmare

369 votes. They are heavily influenced by X Japan and Luna Sea music, two of the major founders of visual kei rock.

6. L’Arc~en~Ciel

536 votes. They aren’t exactly considered visual kei any more, but they are visually appealing. Can you believe they are in their 40s and still looking this hot?

5. Sid

567 votes. SiD is a musically versatile band that can cover from ballads to 8-bit pieces. They’ve contributed songs to anime Fullmetal Alchemist twice, one is “RAIN (レイン)” and “Lies (嘘)”

4. Alice Nine

613 votes. Alice Nine chose to include number “9” in their band name because in Yin and Yang cosmology it symbolizes “the strongest.” They’re also inspired by X JAPAN and LUNA SEA.

3. Golden Bomber

707 votes. Members of this band all have strong characters and they do not actually play any instruments. They consider themselves “air guitar bands,” which I guess in a way truly makes them a visual kei (visual-focused band).

2. the GazettE

863 votes. GazettE continually get their songs ranked in Japanese daily charts and one of the most successful visual kei bands today.

1. ViViD

1306 votes. ViViD is a young and talented band debuted in 2011. Their music is extremely catchy, and also they’ve composed themes to several anime titles such as BLEACH (“BLUE”), Gundam AGE (“REAL”), and Level E (“Yume: mugen no kanata”).

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