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10 Coolest Fishing Lures That Attract Humans More Than Fish

Japan's got some of the most awesome fishing tackle and lures, including giant robots, Ultraman, Pokemon, and sexy girls. Created by Rinkya, your source for Yahoo Japan Auction items in English! Sign up for mailing list for latest updates, including our favorite Japanese kitten Wasabi-chan's news.

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7. GAN CRAFT Tsuri Chichi Nagisa Collaboration Jointed Claw 178


Here comes the fun part: Sexy bishoujo lures. This lure is specially crafted for a fishing manga series on Shounen Sunday called Tsuri Chichi Nagisa. And they are actually made by a quality fishing tackle company Gan Craft too, instead of a toy company.

9. Customized Super Sonico Fishing Lure by Unagiinu


Here is another sexy lure! This is actually a handmade lure modified from an existing lure “Strike King Sexy Spoon.” How fitting is it that the artist chose to put Sonico on it?

11. And By the Way....


Supposedly Japanese fisherman catches octopus with these figurines…as shown in a Japanese TV show Zip. (News source: >Kotaku) So maybe these impractical looking fishing lures actually work well to catch underwater fish?

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