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8 Of The Best Holiday Moments Captured By Ring Cameras

Ring security devices help protect your home and the people and things inside it, but with a Ring Protect subscription, their wide selection of video doorbells and security cameras can also capture heartwarming and hilarious moments like these.

1. A man used his Ring Video Doorbell to surprise his girlfriend with an awesome gift!

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Chuck was traveling out of town and decided to surprise his girlfriend Trish, using Two-Way Talk on their Ring Video Doorbell, with something special that she had always wanted. Check out the video to see what it was!

2. When a "reindeer" showed up in front of their house, a father and daughter used the moment to send a message to Santa.

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Using his Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Justin saw a buck standing outside his front door in snowy Colorado. His daughter Emerson believes any deer with antlers are reindeer, so they used the opportunity to give the visitor a last-minute message for Santa. 

3. A pet owner used her Ring Indoor Cam to catch her dog destroying her ornaments, and then her cats jumped in.

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During the holidays, Carly set up the Ring Indoor Cam to find and stop the culprit behind the destruction of several ornaments from her tree. When she received an alert on the Ring App and saw that her dog Mercy was chewing a frame, she tried to stop her. Her cats had other ideas, though. “It’s hard to stay mad at them when we saw their reactions to my voice,” said Carly.

4. A pair of adorable kids dropped off some holiday treats for their neighbors.

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This is not your average holiday cookie exchange! While these generous young neighbors brought cookies, they also brought...pickles. “The Ring video was very cute and the gesture of cookies and pickles was very much appreciated,” said Chris. Do we sense a new holiday tradition forming?

5. A firefighter used his Ring Indoor Cam to watch his son's reaction to his Christmas gifts.

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Firefighter David had to work on Christmas and wasn't able to be with his kids when they opened presents. Thanks to his Ring Indoor Cam, he could share the moment and experience his son's reaction to all the gifts. 

6. Catching snowflakes is fun for kids of all species.

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Humans aren't the only ones who enjoy catching snowflakes. These unexpected furry guests were seen walking through a yard, and the cute little cub decided to stop and enjoy the snow.

7. A fur hood is a great way to stay warm...unless your pup thinks it's a toy.

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Grissom had an “oopsie” moment, according to his owner, Makayla. “He mistook my furry hood as a toy,” she said. “My high-pitched laughter was definitely egging him on and he thought we were in full-fledged play mode! I sometimes forget we have the cameras on the back deck so when I remembered, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh! I hope that was caught on camera because no one will ever believe me.’ I died laughing all over again watching it from an outsider's perspective.“

8. People across the country show their holiday spirit by shoveling their neighbors' entryways without being asked.

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When snowstorms hit, it's difficult for some people to keep their driveways and walkways shoveled. These thoughtful neighbors stepped in to help without expecting anything in return. One of the recipients of this wonderful kindness was Brandon, a dad of a newborn, whose area was hit by a big snowstorm. He got an alert on his Ring Video Doorbell and saw these neighbors stepping in to help. “We had just come home with our son, who was born two months premature,” he said. “Then we had a fairly big snow, and since it was our first winter in the house, I didn’t even have a shovel yet. We were very thankful.”

Ring is dedicated to helping you protect your home so you can have great moments like these. Whether you're at home or away, checking in with neighbors or surprising loved ones, there's a setup that's perfect for you. Check out their excellent holiday deals!