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    Reasons Why Loki Is The God Of Your Dreams

    There's a million reasons, really, but here are just a few

    Because the first time you saw him...

    Your face looked like this

    This face destroyed you

    And this one

    And because of the actor who plays him, we can't help but find him wretchedly adorable

    Not to mention that smile

    It's kind of wondrous

    And still radiant when he has a knife to his throat

    Oh yes. He may have failed to conquer Midgard, but he conquered the fangirls instead

    Speaking of fandom, there are millions of us, so you'll never be alone.

    We share your suffering

    So. Why all the fuss?

    Well, he looks like a real-life Disney Prince

    That's right. A fabulous, Disney space-prince

    Look at him ride this horse all prince-like

    He has cheekbones of doom

    Seriously you guys. The bone structure

    He's tall

    And there's something about the way he walks

    Something about the roll of the shoulders...

    It's just so...

    Like, BAMF

    It gives you all these feels

    And he's got your kinks covered

    Chains? Check

    Tears? Check

    Multiple partners? Check

    Weird brother stu... oh never mind

    Every face he pulls corrupts innocence

    Seriously. Everything he does looks suggestive

    Like- everything

    He's got daddy issues that we can all relate to

    Sure he's tad off the deep end, but you just want to give him a hug

    Don't worry Loki. Your dad doesn't love you, but I do

    He's got some good qualities: He loves his mum

    They're so cute together

    He's in touch with his feels and has no problem crying

    He can do magic tricks to keep you entertained

    You can hug his Jotun form in summertime to keep cool

    He has witty comebacks

    Looks smoking in a suit

    He's got real pretty eyes

    He has the world's best catch phrase

    And because under all that leather, he looks like this

    You just know he's the type that would be down with RP

    And his 'O' face would be le incredible

    Woops. Let's keep it PG

    See? If you just look past all the murder and insanity, he's a real sweetie

    So, here's to Tom Hiddleston for bringing Loki to life

    You've destroyed our ovaries, but we're OK with it

    I don't know how you transform your adorable self into Loki, because you seem to be made of sweetness and light

    But you do. And we love you for it