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    Kathryn Hahn Is A National Treasure And Here Are 16 Roles Of Hers That Prove It

    Watching WandaVision and feel like you recognize their neighbor? You're not alone.

    With the release of WandaVision on Disney+, everyone is talking about Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's incredible performances as Wanda and Vision, respectively.

    Wanda and Vision sitting on a couch in old time clothing in a sitcom inspired atmosphere

    Rightfully so, too. However, people need to talk more about the iconic Kathryn Hahn who plays their "Nosy Neighbor." Though we've only seen her in a few episodes so far, her performance has been absolutely wonderful.

    Kathryn Hahn as nosy neighbor in a vintage inspired ensemble

    But if you're one of the many people watching WandaVision and thinking that you recognize Kathryn, you're not alone. Odds are, you've probably seen her in several other films and television shows and just forgot. Arguably one of the most underrated actors of all time, Kathryn has time and time again delivered riveting performances that make you laugh, cry, and sometimes even both at the same time.

    Kathryn dancing in a car by herself for a Chrysler commercial

    So why don't we take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of Kathryn's most memorable roles?

    Kathern in Parks and Rec giving Leslie Knope political advice

    Let's get started:

    1. Bad Moms (2016)

    Kathryn in Bad Mom posing sexually against a mom car
    STX Entertainment

    She's probably most well-known for her role in the Bad Moms films as Carla – a laid-back, sex-positive mom who helps bring Amy (Mila Kunis) and Kiki (Kristen Bell) out of their shells. Though the movie isn't a crowd favorite, Kathryn's performance is one that will have you laughing and cringing the whole time.

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime starting at $3.99

    2. Mrs. Fletcher (2019 – )

    Kathryn as Eve sitting in bed and watching dirty stuff on her laptop

    Her role as Eve Fletcher tells the coming-of-age tale you didn't know you needed. Kathryn's character is recently divorced and works to find her own sexual awakening while her son – a freshman in college – is working on his own sexual troubles. The limited series is one of the rare times Kathryn stars in the lead role, and we are absolutely here for it.

    Available to stream: HBO Max

    3. Step Brothers (2008)

    Kathryn and John C. Reilly comically making out in Step Brothers
    Columbia Pictures

    Kathryn takes on the seemingly conservative role of Alice, wife of Brennan's (Will Ferrell) brother, Derek (Adam Scott). Though the couple have this uptight life that Derek likes to rub in his brother's face, Alice secretly wants to jump Dale (John C. Reilly) the entire film. Once again, we get to see Kathryn lean into another sexually charged and highly comedic role which apparently is when we get some of her best comedy.

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime starting at $2.99

    4. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

    Kathryn in the movie holding a cup of coffee and gossiping
    Paramount Pictures

    If you've sensed that Kathryn has held a lot of supporting roles, you're correct. But that trend mostly started here, as Kate Hudson's best friend and the inspiration for her escapades with Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime starting at $2.99

    5. We're the Millers (2013)

    New Line Cinema

    Probably one of her funniest roles is in We're the Millers where she plays Edie Fitzgerald – a quirky and hyperfriendly housewife who meets the Millers and almost blows their cover several times. If for nothing else, you need to watch her in this for her Jennifer Aniston boob-grabbing scene alone. It's hysterical.

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime starting at $3.99

    6. Parks and Recreation (stars in seasons 4 – 7)


    Another strong, confident woman can be seen through Kathryn's portrayal of Jennifer Barkley in Parks and Recreation. Jennifer is a Washington political whiz who's brought into the world of Pawnee to run Bobby Newport's campaign and defeat Leslie Knope. Not only does she later recruit Ben Wyatt to run for Congress, but she also has a one night stand with Chris Traeger. Her performance and character's attitude are honestly iconic.

    Available to stream: NBC Peacock

    7. I Love Dick (2017)

    Kathryn walking through a field of wheat
    Amazon Video

    Once again, Kathryn is letting her sexual emotions out in the Amazon Prime series, I Love Dick. Though she's married to Griffin Dunne in the series, she quickly becomes infatuated with Kevin Bacon's character, Dick. Her feelings for Dick and her unsent letters of their sexual exploits not only give her a new attitude about her work as an artist and filmmaker, but also about her marriage and self-worth. FYI: this one's more on the NSFW side!

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime

    8. Crossing Jordan (2001 – 2007)

    Kathryn as a young adult working in a crime unit

    Kathryn also dabbled in the crime drama genre with NBC's Crossing Jordan. She plays Lily Lebowski, an ultra-perky secretary who later becomes a grief counselor. Let's hear it for her range.

    Not available to stream

    9. Private Life (2018)

    Kathryn and Paul Giamatti eating dinner while having an awkward conversation

    Her role as Rachel in Private Life is one where Kathryn explores more serious issues as she struggles with her husband, Richard (Paul Giamatti), to have a child by any means possible. The funny yet brutally honest film portrays the difficulty journey of struggling with fertility, and Kathryn is phenomenal.

    Available to stream: Netflix

    10. Afternoon Delight (2013)

    A stripper giving KAthryn's character a lap dance
    72 Productions

    This comedy drama follows Rachel (Kathryn) and her husband (Josh Radnor) who are frustrated after not having sex for six months. Though they go to a strip club to spice things up, it doesn't work. Rachel decides that the stripper who gave them a dance at the club (Juno Temple) should be their live-in nanny. From there, chaos ensues, and Kathryn is at the apex of it all.

    Available to stream: NBC Peacock, Amazon Prime

    11. HAPPYish (2015)

    Kathryn shrugging nonchalantly

    This dark comedy features Kathryn as Lee Payne, an artist who struggles with her work and her motherhood while trying to keep it all together. The show's relatable nature and satirical content is right up Kathryn's alley.

    Available to stream: Hulu

    12. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

    KAthryn with her character's mother in the film, she looks hopeful and optimistic
    20th Century Studios

    This adventure/comedy film was all the rage in 2013. Kathryn has the role of Odessa Mitty alongside Ben Stiller's Walter Mitty. As Walter's sister, she's caring and very quirky with theatrical tendencies... very much like Kathryn in real life!

    Available to stream: Hulu

    13. Revolutionary Road (2008)

    DreamWorks Pictures

    This romance/drama is centered more around Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, but Kathryn gets her screen time as the ever-agreeable and polite Milly Campbell. Unlike many of the other roles on this list, her character is perfectly content to stay in line with her husband's ideas and not to make waves.

    Available to stream: HBO Max

    14. Transparent (2014 – 2019)

    Kathryn as a Rabbi taking part in a Jewish tradition involving the burning of herbs
    Amazon Studios / Via

    This show follows a family divulging secret after secret as they learn more about each other following the discovery that their father is a transgender woman named Maura. Kathryn's portrayal of Rabbi Raquel Fein is nothing short of hilarious and even earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in 2017.

    Available to stream: Amazon Prime

    15. Captain Fantastic (2016)

    Kathryn looking lovingly at her character's brother
    Electric City Entertainment/ShivHans Pictures

    This film follows a couple and their children forced by extenuating circumstances to reintegrate into society after living in isolation for a decade. Kathryn plays Viggo Mortensen's sister, Harper, whom the family briefly lives with.

    Available to stream: Hulu

    16. And lastly, I Know This Much Is True (2020)

    Katherine and her character's husband in a meeting for people with mental disabilities

    The HBO series features Mark Ruffalo playing twin brothers, Dominick and Thomas. Though his performance is something to be admired, Kathryn's performance as Dominick's ex-wife, Dessa, is incredible. Her portrayal of heartbreak and trauma is an absolute must-see.

    Available to stream: HBO Max

    If you thought that was it, you're wrong...

    Katherine on the red carpet looking stunning as ever
    Michael Tran / FilmMagic

    Kathryn has been in way too many roles to list them all here, but some honorable mentions include The Visit, Hotel Transylvania 3, The Holiday, Anchorman, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Our Idiot Brother, and so many more. Her iconic performances transcend time.

    Kathryn will definitely have a larger role in WandaVision, so as we wait for her role to play out, go binge some Kathryn Hahn movies for clear skin and positive vibes!