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25 Reasons To Fall In Love With Violet Crawley From Dowtown Abbey

You have your role models, and I have mine.

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1. She's a woman of class. Upper-Class that is.

2. And upper-class women get on with it already.

3. I mean, really, stop your bitching....

4. ...Edith!

5. And ladies always speak lady-like.

6. Of course, she has sound advice on the topic of men.

7. So very logical.


8. And very much to the point!

9. She's not afraid to talk about her family.

10. Or anyone else's family.

11. She's the queen of social etequitte.

12. With plenty of advice.

13. She's even been known to throw a few back!

14. But watch out because she will call you out on your bullshit.

15. Every.

16. Single.

17. Time.

18. And seriously, she doesn't have anytime for your problems.

19. None of them.

20. At all.

21. You better listen, because she's never wrong.

22. Ever.

23. She really knows how to put her foot down!

24. And how to make a proper exit.

25. You go on with your bad self, Violet! <3

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