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      Yeah, I think there’s an exception for babies. That’s the one question on here I really disagreed with. Obviously check with the bride and groom first, but you can’t leave a newborn if you’re breastfeeding. So if they want you there at all, they have to let the baby come. We even had a couple at our wedding bring their newborn without asking. They came up to us and apologized, her mom was supposed to babysit but then had an emergency and couldn’t do it. They had RSVP’d yes and didn’t want to skip out so they brought the baby. We didn’t care. It’s a baby, what’s the big deal, it sits in it’s mom’s arms all night.

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      Think about it this way. If there is a god, and you life a good life, and he doesn’t let you into heaven because you didn’t believe in him, what kind of a god is he? Seems pretty petty for a god, honestly. And what are you supposed to do, pretend you believe? If he’s a god that’s not going to fool him. So basically if there is a god, you’re stuck anyway. You don’t believe. You can’t fool him by pretending. So there you go. Not to mention that he’s the one who created you as an atheist. People don’t choose to be atheists. You don’t wake up one day and say “I’m gonna stop believing in god”. You either believe it or you don’t and it’s not something you choose or that you can actively change. If he wants to punish you for something completely out of your control (that HE did), then a) he’s a jerk, and b) there’s nothing you can do about it. So stop worrying about it and just try to live a good life while you’re here on earth.

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