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10 Ridiculous Trends That Have Swept The Nation

Ridiculous trends come and go, but at some point, they've all had their moments in the sun. Check out some of the craziest trends that have taken the nation by storm. For even more Ridiculousness, tune into MTV Mondays at 10/9c.

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  • 1. Planking


  • 2. Horsemaning


  • 3. Monkeytail Beards

    Monkeytail Beards

  • 4. Owling


  • 5. Coning


  • 6. Leisure Diving

    Leisure Diving

  • 7. Silly Bands

    Silly Bands

  • 8. "I Like It On" Facebook Status Updates

    "I Like It On" Facebook Status Updates

  • 9. Facebook Celebrity Doppelganger Week

    Facebook Celebrity Doppelganger Week

  • 10. Jelly Bracelets

    Jelly Bracelets