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  • Barry Bonds at Giants Game With Blonde

    Barry Bonds had a few moments in-between court appearances to sit front row at Wednesday nights San Francisco Giants victory of the San Diego Padres. This unidentified girl, who is late night hot (looks better at night/in darkness), spent some time next to Barry. I’m assuming this is not Barry’s girlfriend because not one media outlet made reference to this girl (even ESPN who showed this image above). In fact on ESPN.com, they mention that Bonds was seated next to his son. I looked online for any references, but nada.

  • Kyle Busch’s Wife is Hot!

    I’m not a big NASCAR fan but I had to rewind my DVR when I saw this woman on ESPN! She is the wife of Kyle Busch and her name is Samantha Sarcinella and she is hot (in a Jersey Shore kind of way)! This picture was taken before Kyle’s victory in the Nationwide series at the O’Reilly Auto Parts 300. Let’s get more wife pictures dressed like this and I will watch more NASCAR!

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