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11 Reasons Kevin Hart Deserves To Ride Shotgun

From regaling us with stories of his dad to singing the praises of social media, Kevin Hart's the only guaranteed way to ensure every car ride is the best car ride. There's even more to come when he goes on a Ride Along in theaters January 17.

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1. He rolls with a dangerous posse we want on our side.

The perfect backup for entertainment from the back seat.

5. He can recommend all the best vacation spots.

Hopefully they're all road-accessible and within driving distance.

7. And don't even get him started on social media.

We'd need our hands for driving, but the secrets of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from an actual human instead of creepy accounts that tell you to go to their website to pay for more followers? It's too good to be true.

10. Just imagine what Kevin Hart road rage looks like.

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The complete list of people in the next car over he's willing to sass for us: all of them.

The complete list of times this would get old: none.

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