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    These Women Didn't Wear Makeup For A Week And Felt Empowered AF

    "I'm on my way to get my eyebrows and mustache waxed."

    With trends like the #NoMakeupChallenge spreading across social platforms, Ladylike decided to join in and not wear makeup for an entire week. And they totally rocked it (duh):

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    First, we asked the ladies why they loved wearing makeup.

    Some wore makeup because it helped boost their confidence...

    …while others just enjoyed a good lip color and cat-eye.

    One survey showed that almost half of respondents did not like their appearance without makeup.

    And on average, women spend $15,000 dollars on cosmetics in a lifetime.

    So these ladies put away the lipstick, foundation, and eyeliner for a week...and they looked stunning completely bare-faced:

    On the first day, the ladies were a little insecure...

    ...but they figured out ways to make the week a little easier:

    By day two, they started to not care as much...

    ...because not wearing makeup was working in their favor:

    By the middle of the week, they were so confident and in their element that they were posting pictures for the ’gram.

    I mean, look at these cuties!

    As their week ended, they realized that not wearing makeup made them feel extremely vulnerable.

    They didn’t expect for the challenge to be so hard, but they developed an appreciation for women who choose not to wear makeup.

    But, in the end, it reminded them that whether you enjoy a fresh face, makeup on the daily, or both, you’re beautiful no matter what.