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8 Conspiracy Theories About The Denver Airport That'll Freak You Out

The Denver airport is kind of a weird place.

So, if you haven't heard about the Denver airport, it's a little different from other airports:

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An insane amount of money went into building it...and not everyone is sure how it was spent.

The airport's runways look like a swastika.

The airport's dedication stone has imagery from a secret society.

Some people think there's a mysterious network of underground bunkers beneath the airport.

There are some super-creepy murals that may show the New World Order's takeover.

This mural is titled "In Peace and Harmony With Nature," and is meant to address the destruction of the environment.

The other is titled "Children of the World Dream of Peace," and is supposed to represent the desire to get rid of violence in society.

Just a quick zoom in on this scary Nazi soldier...

...and a quote from a child who died at Auschwitz.

The devilish mustang statue outside the airport killed its sculptor while he was working on it.

But how do we know what to believe?

One argument against the conspiracy theories is that if there really were such an ominous future for the Denver airport, then why would there be so many blatant signs pointing to it?

By the way, most of the original cost increases and schedule delays to the construction of the Denver airport were caused by changes to the size of the airport, including widening and lengthening concourses and adding an automated baggage system.

It's thought that there may be a time capsule beneath the capstone of the airport, set to be opened in 2094, so stay tuned.