Best Friends Got Married For A Week And Things Got Real

    "Do you want to shower together?"

    You and your best friend might be compatible in every friends. But what would happen if you got married for a week? Chris and Brittany took on the challenge and things got a little real.

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    Chris and Brittany have been friends for about five years.

    So they decided to see what it would be like to take their relationship to the next level.

    Brittany was a little hesitant about the week to come...

    ...while Chris was extremely positive about being a married man.

    Let's see how this week goes!

    Day one consisted of Chris and Brittany attempting to clean up Chris's apartment...

    ...and figuring out that marriage is all about compromise.

    Day two consisted of a night out on the town. Butttt, Brittany had a little too much to drink and insisted on going home…

    ...and so she did, alone.

    On day four, Brittany decided to cook dinner for Chris to show how much she appreciated him for being hubby.

    But Chris was so used to living alone that he completely forgot to show up.

    All is well in paradise, though, because Chris made it up to Brittany by taking her to a dog center...

    ...followed by a spa day...

    ...and a "romantic" dinner.

    Chris even learned one of the main principles of marriage.

    And Brittany appreciated how thoughtful Chris was about it.

    After the week was over, they realized how great it was to be around someone they loved...but their relationship is just fine as friends.