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    • RickyRetardo

      I am going to askacouple of obvious questions and make some obvious points: 1) Why is Dove asking us to agree that the rendering of the stranger’s descriptions are “more” beautiful than the subject’s description of herself? They are more beautiful according to whom?
      2) Why does Dove assume that women categorically perceive themselves as “uglier” than they are?
      3) It seems that the women picked by Dove for this “social experiment” are all free of growths, scars, extra heads, etc, and are all more or less attractive by traditional standards. Why not pick someone with some kind of disfigurement, or someone who kind of pees in the pool, toots in the water, or just ROCKS the boat, and see how wrongheaded this experiment is? Challenge yourself, Dove, you jerk.
      4) Doves are basically just pretty pigeons. They may have acquired some additional symbolic value that elevates them above their more common relatives, but they are still dirty as hell.Alittle awkward forasoap company, IMHO.
      5) What about the bros? Are we to assume that bros naturally perceive themselves as more beautiful than they are? IS THIS WHY BROS WERE EXCLUDED?  Anyway, this is total bullshit. Thank you.

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