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John Candy-"Cane": John Candy Is The Ultimate Holiday Man.

There's a little "John Candy" In All of Us This Holiday Season.

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When you go to Starbucks and remember you have to keep it politically correct.

That moment you come across a great deal on Cyber Monday.

Every Holiday season, we always forget to buy a gift for at least one person.

We hope each salesperson could help us out with some sort of bargain. But they hardly ever budge...

If we buy a gift for you. You know we're going to flaunt it in your face before handing it to you.

When your Mother told you not to peak because she was wrapping your presents.

That sudden rush of excitement when your parents ask you "Which present would you like to open first?" on Christmas morning.

We can only be brutally honest with siblings and best friends when they ask "Do you like your present?"

We've all gotten a gift that has some cheesy joke behind the whole concept. And our laugh is always as cheesy as the joke.

When you have to put a smile on your face for all of your relatives.

We always try to get that one family member "more involved into the holiday spirit"...

When it comes to dessert on Christmas, you don't care how many calories you're eating.

When you successfully made it through the holidays, and you're ready for the new year.

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