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How Guys React To Women's Photos On Snapchat

"Shes so freaking annoying on Snapchat"

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What girls think when they snapchat their entire night at a loud, crowded bar

...How guys see it

The excitement a guy gets when he gets a personal snapchat from a cute girl....But opens the snapchat to a photo of her dog they don't find cute at all

When girls take selfies purposely flaunting their cleavage

The girls who have the city name designs in every single snapchat

...Guy's Initial Thoughts: We got it...You're in NYC. Next time you do it, you better be in a different country"

When you see a girl snapchat nothing but "the good moments" at her job and how awesome her boss is

When we see that annoying girl on snapchat already posted 3 pictures at her pregrame before the bar onto her My Story

When a girls snapchat caption sarcastically tell us how much you love being single by referring to "Bae" as the hot actor in your movie on Netflix....or maybe the guac that lays on your lap while you watch it.

When You hear the noise from a video snapchat of a girl dancing at a club, or worse....A Steve Aoki concert...

How we view a guy who dates "that girl who only snapchats when they're together"

How guys send snapchats to girls they're trying to hook up with

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