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Final Examinations Explained By Billy Madison

The Tale of Two Cities....I can understand 9 words in that book now

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All your classmates are strangers so it's weird asking them whats on the final

You try going to the review session but they never seem to help you learn the material in time for the final

You hate hearing kids brag about how easy the final was

The teachers comments at the end of your papers that were submitted weeks late

Seeing that person who hasn't slept in days

When you miss the Extra Credit deadline when you're in danger of failing

When People tell you that you should have studied more

When your mother tells you how you should be studying

You should be studying all weekend but the weather is finally showing signs of summer that you decide to do this

When your walk out of a final knowing you passed the course

....but now you have to start cramming for another final

Your procrastination has gotten so bad that your now distracting others trying to study

So get back to studying and get that degree that makes you look like this for future jobs!

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