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20 Life Lessons We Learned From Rocko's Modern Life Growing Up In The 90s

Its called Rocko's MODERN LIFE for a reason.

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Rocko Showed us how easily TV can hypnotize your mind

And how some products advertised on TV aren't really what they seem

Rocko taught us how to forgive those who were once cruel to us

He also taught kids about the dangers of addictions, when Rocko's friends put him through a 12-step program to quit biting his nails

They were warning us about keeping our cities clean before it even became an issue

Rocko taught us the power of music's influence that make up who we are as people

Heffer portrayed the exact feeling of anxiety one can have when clogging a toliet at somebody else's home

The Famous Austrailian Wallabe also taught us that you could find yourself working extremely odd jobs for money

Philburt taught us that everything in life isn't exactly "Happy-Go-Lucky"

But playing a game of "Spank the Monkey" certainly eases the stress..

The show also warned children that there are Gluttons in the world who simply aren't afraid of going to hell. Heffer's behavior become so selfish and irritating, that even the ruler of "Heck" named Peaches found Heffer unbearable to be around.

Sooner or later there comes a time where you have very little control over a "Plumber Butt"

As an adult, you only seem to be going to the doctor's office if theirs something wrong with you...putting any person on the edge of their seat..

He showed us the surprising things you can find your dog trying to eat

Heffer never let people bother him about being "A Fat Cow", because when they called him that, he would correct them by saying he's actually a steer, a type of cattle that resembles a strong muscular bull.

A Superhero can be found by looking into Really Really Big Man's "Nipples of the Future"

Rocko's Modern Life taught us about the Evils of Corporations and how they run America.

And how damaging they can be to the world..

When the Boss of Conglom-O Picked his nose....

So did his employees....Showing how every one are puppets to corporate bosses

Mr. Big Head was very successful at Conglom-O when he was young

...until his job took a toll on him

Rocko's Modern Life is filled with nothing but life lessons that can relate to our every day lives. Knowledge is being able to learn from our mistakes.

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