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Social Media Posts That Will Convince You To Hire Me As Your Next Social Media Strategist

Social Media gives everyone the opportunity to be heard. These social media posts will show you that Social Media likes hearing my voice...

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1. Professional Skateboarder Tony Hawk shared my BuzzFeed post to his 6 million followers on Facebook.

Facebook: TonyHawk

2. Justin Pugh of the New York Giants, was excited to see me writing funny material again on social media.

Pumped @BuzzFeed got @chef_buh_r_dee back on twitter! Be sure to check out some of his hilarious tweets #BuzzFeedBuhr! #CuseBoyz

3. Hana Ostapchuk, a reporter for FOX Sports Florida, claims that she has read every post I've published on the community blog.

Welcome back to the Twittersphere, @chef_buh_r_dee! Glad to see @BuzzFeed snagged one of the funniest guys from my Cuse days

4. WayUp, an online service that helps college graduates find entry-level jobs, tweeted one of my BuzzFeed posts that relates to those struggling to find work after graduation.

Guys, no need to stress eat. We're here to help. #food #campusjob http://t.co/3edio3yZ5F

5. Popular Parody accounts on Twitter have shared my BuzzFeed posts, adding to the exposure BuzzFeed has already given to me.

16 Reasons Erlich Bachman From @SiliconHBO Is A Legend http://t.co/7feZlb1xlF I'm honored and deeply moved #SiliconValleyHBO #Friday #TGIF

6. People all over country are sharing my articles to brighten someone's day.

@Jenn_Creech thought this would lift you up haha http://t.co/b1Z7VjXB9T

7. My proudest moment as a BuzzFeed community member. Watching my BuzzFeed article on the Montauk Beach protests serve as a huge help for the protester's cause:

Facebook: beachgrl


Community Post: Hundreds Of Local Surfers From Montauk, NY Are Protesting To Save Their Beaches https://t.co/kb4L2ToMux

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