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15 Reasons Why Wikipedia Is The Greatest Website On The Internet

We don't know anything. Wikipedia does...

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1. It’s completely ad-free. Wikipedia has never sold out to advertisers and are dedicated to giving you credible information.

2. The website runs smoothly, making your weird searches pleasurable and immeasurable. After your search, whether for a history paper or Pamela Anderson's Biography, you are left feeling satisfied with how easy the read was.

3. They have brief, detailed plot summaries on every book you'll ever have to read in college...making spark notes look like an actual book to read.

4. Google trusts it. Most search results list a wikipedia page as a top result

5. Teachers have told you your entire life its not a credible course....well its all I used on my last paper and you gave me a B.

6. Ever wonder what a guy like Pauly Shore is up to these days? Find out on Wikipedia.

7. Want to see the final Lord of the Rings movie without seeing the first two? Read the plot summaries on their Wikipedia pages and save 5 hours of your time..

8. The way the site asks you for that donation once a year puts your so-called “knowledge” into perspective.

9. It gives you all the information in the world at your fingertips, to make your life easier in some way.

10. You can donate five measly dollars, or you can be a dick about it and abuse the website to get by in your everyday life.

11. Having a Wikipedia page open on your screen in class or at work always gives the impression you’re doing some sort of work.

12. You could be reading about the next Kevin Hart movie and your employer/professor will assume it’s “appropriate” content due to the fact of there being nothing but words on the page and very few pictures.

13. They receive 3 billion page visits a month from mobile phones alone, which most likely consists of students looking up terms during an examination

14. ... or proving someone wrong on a certain topic

15. The time Michael Scott said the smartest thing in the world. IT REALLY IS INCREDIBLE

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