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14 Ways We Turn Into George Constanza Right Before The Start Of Summer

Because we all tell ourselves that this is our "Summer of George"

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1. After a long, cold winter we get antsy for Memorial Day Weekend. The Weekend that kicks off summer.

2. Everyone comes out of human hibernation and prepares for 4 months of beautiful weather. (Netflix is for the winter!)

3. You get into the summer mood by making yourself look more laid back.

4. But you look at yourself in the mirror, and realize you have the exact opposite of a desirable beach body.

5. You told yourself for months you have plenty of time to slim down before beach season.

6. ...But did nothing about it...

7. Friends ask if you're coming into the pool, but you don't want anyone seeing you shirtless.

8. With so much going on, summer months start to affect your productivity at work.

9. But how could you get any work done when the only thing on your mind is bikinis, bar-b-ques, and beer!

10. You just want to be at the beach, but you get stuck in that nasty weekend beach traffic.

11. ...And you know you'll be in that same traffic on your way back home...

12. Thats why rainy weekends during the summer can bring someone to tears...

13. But no matter what, there's nothing that's going to stop you from trying to have the best summer of your life.

14. Because this summer is your summer! Now go out there and enjoy it!

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