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NYC Pizza Crust

Easy to make world's best NYC style pizza dough.

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NYC Style Pizza Crust

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The World’s best Pizza Dough. This past April my wife Katie and I spent 5 days in Manhattan vigorously researching a topic of great importance. In addition to getting to watch the production of several TV shows; Late Night with Colbert, The Larry Wilmore show, Wendy Williams and Dr Oz (I even corrected Dr. Oz’s scientific mistake he made while filming, really) we also had culinary motivations. Our research was focused on sampling some of the city’s best pizzas more specifically the classic NYC slice, plain cheese. Our prior trips to the “city” have focused on finding the best CHICKEN WINGS, DELI’S AND PEKING DUCK.

The island of Manhattan is the second smallest county in the US in terms of size. However it’s one of the most densely populated places in the world, with 1.7 million people covering 23 square miles of land (on business days the population swells to almost 4 million). Manhattan also boasts at having 20,000+ places to eat which in itself is overwhelming. No problem we had social media, expert knowledge of the subway system, strong legs and an eye for a good pie!

The parameters which we followed were relatively straight forward and simple we limited the sampling to the classic New York slice, plain cheese. These slices of pizza are typically reheated in a pizza oven and served on a paper plate. The slice is then folded in half and eaten sans a fork typically while walking or leaning up against a counter. The slices were great one of my favorites was from Uncle Mario’s which was located on 739 9th Ave just to the west of the theater district in Hell’s Kitchen. On the other end of the scale was the disappointment of Greenwich Villages highly touted Keste’ this pizza which we were served sitting down via a waiter tasted bland and cost the most. After 4 days of sampling we discovered that one of the commonalities of these slices was found in the crust. After some prodding and probing I pieced together what I consider to be the world’s best pizza crust recipe. It is imperative that the dough is given at least 24 hours to rise in the refrigerator before using, enjoy!

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