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The Gift And The Curse

A short(ish) examination of living with, dealing with and sometimes not dealing with being bipolar.

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Thanks for reading this. Maybe you live with bipolar or know and love someone that does. Either of those things can be a challenge. Heaven knows my experience proves that. Like diabetes or a broken leg, bipolar is a medical issue. It's not a moral issue. We are not bad people. Also like diabetes or a broken leg, it won't be cured overnight. Remember one thing - none of us is ever alone and it does get better.

Denial Isn't Just a River In Egypt...It's An Ocean.


For years and years, I knew deep inside something wasn't right. For years and years people told me something wasn't right. But they were wrong. I was wrong, too. It was my natural exuberance. It was my charismatic personality. Everyone was jealous of what I had and who I was. "Haters gonna hate." I'd say. But I felt and thought the opposite of what I tried to be. Things would be "better" if I had a "better" job or a "better" house or a "better" husband or a "better" [insert person/place/thing] here. It wasn't the gallons of alcohol I consumed weekly. It wasn't the line of cocaine I started my morning with. If you were raised the way I was raised, you'd be like I was, too. If you had the job/car/husband/house/life I had, you'd be like I was, too.

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