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    Major League Baseball Pitchers And Their Animal Doppelgängers

    Lots of people look like animals, even superstar baseball players!

    Félix Hernández - Seattle Mariners

    Smiles like a sly sloth.

    Tim Lincecum - San Francisco Giants

    Like a wide-eyed sugar glider.

    Jarrod Parker - Oakland Athletics

    Spouting like a beluga whale.

    C.J. Wilson - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    And this adorable chocolate lab.

    Tyson Ross - San Diego Padres

    And this magnificent meerkat.

    J.J. Putz - Arizona Diamondbacks

    And this beaming bulldog.

    Rex Brothers - Colorado Rockies

    And this slightly bemused polar bear.

    Yu Darvish - Texas Rangers

    And this radiant red panda.

    Lucas Harell - Houston Astros

    And this tongue-happy sunbear.

    Adam Wainwright - St. Louis Cardinals

    And this slightly menacing parrot.

    Luke Hochevar - Kansas City Royals

    And this very serious howler monkey.

    Scott Diamond - Minnesota Twins

    And this amazingly happy sea lion.

    John Axford - Milwaukee Brewers

    And this intense ibex.

    Jeff Samardzija - Chicago Cubs

    And this majestically maned horse.

    John Danks - Chicago White Sox

    And this European brown bear.

    Justin Verlander - Detroit Tigers

    And this alarmingly cheerful cat.

    R.A. Dickey - Tornonto Blue Jays

    Justin Masterson - Cleveland Indians

    And this extremely rare Yangtze River Dolphin.

    Matt Latos - Cincinnati Reds

    And this mildly put out bulldog puppy.

    Craig Kimbrel - Atlanta Braves

    And this stoic, yet amused albino gorilla.

    Ricky Nolasco - Miami Marlins

    And this dog throwing you shade.

    Fernando Rodney - Tampa Bay Rays

    And this adorable Scottish Fold kitten

    Jordan Zimmerman - Washington Nationals

    And this fabulous fennec fox.

    Jake Arrieta

    And this beautiful bull mastiff.

    Clay Buchholz - Boston Red Sox

    And that one cat.

    Phil Hughes - New York Yankees

    And this grimacing dog.

    Jon Niese - New York Mets

    And this peaceful proboscis monkey.

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