In Defense Of Hot Pockets

Wherein we discuss the transformative power of Hot Pockets.

1. These are Hot Pockets.

2. Perhaps you remember them.

3. Maybe you love Hot Pockets.

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5. Maybe you hate Hot Pockets.

7. Perhaps you are ashamed of your Hot Pocket love.

10. You are not alone in your fondness for Hot Pockets!

11. Loving Hot Pockets doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

12. Super Mayor Cory Booker likes Hot Pockets!

13. Upscale types can eat Hot Pockets!

14. Look at these things that are essentially gourmet Hot Pockets!!

Vegetarian hot pocket done right!

Savory chicken hot pocket tied up with a cute dough bow.

Hot pocket, slider style.

Banana cream cheese hot pockets.

Cinnamon apple caramel hot pockets.

Organic omelette hot pockets.

Kale and white cheddar hot pockets.

Sausage and white cheddar cheese hot pockets.

Nutella and coconut hot pockets.

Savory roast chicken and vegetable hot pockets.

Avocado, cream cheese and salsa hot pockets.

25. So enjoy your Hot Pockets with pride!

26. Uncle Harry approves!

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