The Breakfast Pizza: A Meditation In Perfection

Behold the life transforming perfection that is breakfast pizza. Also NOM.

1. What Is BreakFast Pizza You Ask?

It is nothing short of Heaven on Earth.

It is delicious and nutritious.

This scrumptious example includes eggs, bacon and spinach on a polenta crust.

3. This Meat Laden Bad Boy



5. You’d Have This Breakfast Pizza’s Children

6. Then You’d Cheat On That Breakfast Pizza With This One

7. Breakfast Pizza Is Like Roc-A-Fella Records

8. It Can’t Stop

9. It Won’t Stop

10. This Breakfast Pizza Will Be In You All Morning

11. Enjoy This Breakfast Pizza Or The Terrorists Win

13. DAT ‘ZZA


16. NOM Me Like One Of Your French Girls

18. Please Take Me Now

19. A Thing Of Beauty…

20. Is A Joy…

21. To Behold…

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