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    22 Ways To Celebrate National Be An Angel Day

    August 22 is National Be An Angel Day. Here are 22 ways to bring more light, love and laughter into our world.

    1. Plug random parking meters.

    2. Give more hugs.

    3. Plant a tree.

    4. Pick up litter while you are are out and about.

    5. Print bookmarks to leave in random library books.

    6. Be a ginger.

    7. Mow your neighbor's lawn.

    8. Say hello.

    9. Send a thank you note for no reason at all.

    10. Give flowers to strangers

    11. Let someone go first.

    12. Clean up after yourself

    13. Drive courteously

    14. Adopt a pet.

    15. Be less judgemental.

    16. Buy school supplies for a teacher you know.

    17. Tip 100%.

    18. Deliver cookies to firefighters.

    19. Visit a senior center.

    20. Secretly buy cupcakes for coworkers.

    21. Return a shopping cart.

    22. Be polite online.