20 Signs You Are From The Country

You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy.

1. You learned to drive a tractor before you could LEGALLY drive a car.

2. Your wading pool was a livestock tank.

3. “Going into town” was an event.

4. You went to school in one of these.

Woodman School in Lolo Creek, Mont., where I’m from.

5. You made forts in the hay shed.

6. You’ve strung fence.

7. The county fair was THE event of the whole year.

8. You had to fill the wood box.

9. You know how to gather eggs without getting pecked.

10. You cleaned horse stalls on a regular basis.

11. After all these years, buying milk from a store still feels wrong.

12. This was your swimming pool.

13. These were your pets.

14. Your idea of yard work is a little different than most.

15. You shot cans as a childhood pastime.

16. Tractor parades thrill you.

17. You measure distance in hours.

18. You grew up in a house where the doors were never locked.

19. You’ve never tasted colder, better water than right out of the garden hose.

20. You want to go back all the time…

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