20 People Who Know Exactly How You Feel On Monday

Instead of asking “How was your weekend?” just slap us across the face and say “It’s Monday, bitch.”

1. This guy, who is sad yet resigned to the fact that the week has started.

2. Spongebob, who somehow makes the ocean more salty with his tears.

3. This guy, who knows how to calm himself down.

4. This woman, who obviously hasn’t had her coffee yet.

5. This tragic cheerleader.

6. This guy who really doesn’t want to be an adult.

7. This man, who knows how horrible Mondays are at the office.

8. This guy who just doesn’t want to deal with it. At all.

9. This guy, who is managing to hold it together by a thread.

10. This girl who knows that Mondays are not very Raven.

11. This guy, who tried to hold it together but in the end cracked under the pressure of Monday morning meetings.

12. Leslie Knope, who manages to smile through the pain.

13. This pirate, who may or may not have forgotten he had a major project due today.

14. This woman who is handling things rather well, actually.

15. This man who knows to steel himself for what’s to come.

16. This kid who just can’t handle Mondays at all.

17. This owl who, let’s face it, really needs a vacation.

18. This young man who knows that even in Bel-Air, Mondays are the worst.

19. This gentlemen who knows that everyone, including the Doctor, hates Mondays.

20. This woman who just really, really hates Mondays. Ugh.

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