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Pizza Counter App Tells You How Much Pizza To Order

An iOS app for calculating the amount of pizza you need to order for a group.

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It's a buzz kill when you realize you have to order pizza for a party of hungry gluttons

In a convergence of cutting-edge technology and couch potato engineering, this First World dilemma has been made obsolete.

How It Works

Users select the number of hungry people and the seemingly magical app calculates the number of pizzas to order.

The Golden Pizza Ratio

The calculation is a "Golden Ratio" based on a number of pizza eating factors. Since users could potentially be feeding a room of finicky ballerinas or hungry quarterbacks, the app allows the appetite of the crowd to be selected. Users choose icons that represent hunger levels: from a peckish little chickadee, to your average humanoid, to a madly charging T-Rex. There's also an option to set a pie size restriction for pizzerias that think less is more.

Order through the app

Once the magic has been fully comprehended, users can then click to call the their favorite parlor from a list of nearby establishments. The list is driven by Yelp and your device's geo location services.

Yahoo claims this may be a game changer, The Daily Dot say it's the apotheosis of Western civilization. The Elixir Haus says it's just an app you can count on!

Check it out on the iOS App Store »

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