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    • rickm22

      I’ve readathird of the books on here. Does that mean the NSA is going to kick in my door anytime soon? Why does Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead count as one book? Did you bother reading either of them? Or anything Rand wrote in her lifetime? Ifound the stuff that she wrote for PLAYBOY in the 50’s and 60’s to be particularly provocative. As far asIcan tell, the only real “red flag” on this list, is “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”. But, then again, ANY human being who states Tucker Max’s bile is some of their favorite works ever written should immediately be discounted asabad person. That just goes without question.

    • rickm22

      Yeah. Pretty pretentious semen-spew, if I’ve ever read it. Maybe books like The Giver or Harry Potter are some people’s favorite books because, y’know, reading them as kids actually INSPIRED others to read deeper, more intellectually provocative titles when they got older? And how the hell did “Fear&Loathing In Las Vegas” not make this list? As much asIlove Thompson, it can be easily argued that anybody that lays claim to beingahardcore Gonzophile can think of far better works by the man. The only peopleIknow who champion that book asafavorite are douchey drunk frat boys who peddle Adderall, and annoyingly push marijuana-health hyperbole.

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