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    • rickl13

      The way I see it is like this Clubs > Raves > Festivals Melbourne Australia club/rave scene was acknowledged/recognised as world class for a long time, our scene was strong, vibrant, influential, resilient, and accessible.  THE DIFFERENCES ARE THERE BUT SO WHAT?  1991 to 2003 was regarded as the golden age of our Melbourne scene. You can talk with club owners, DJs, those still making a living from the scene, those who have come and gone, the venues that have closed, the loss of punters who get it, 15yrs ago life was alot more affordable, and you could get alot more done on less money than you can today.  This info has been filtering into me over the last, 4 to 5yrs and the consensus is that whatever we had is definitely gone, that we had the best years of it, we will not see those days again.  But thats ok, that was our scene…this is your scene and it takes time to get your groove on, find your style.  For example the music you listen to and like now…I guarantee you will one day see its limitations, it will be dated, your influences will change, evolve.  … we all started out as sweat drenchers in the clubs. Sweating yourself and your clothes to death was mandatory.  You will slow down, your style changes, how you groove evolves. Not many peeps dance the same today as when they started out. Your music tastes, your interaction with friends, it all changes, its a fucking journey, the whole thing. We’ve had ours, let them have theirs. Looking at these photos you can see clearly see a visual difference different style. The ravers on the left you can see the style was more primitive, pioneers. It is more basic, baggier, accentuated designs, with clothes looser, big, loud, colourful. You can see the heart of raving is still colourful and still expressive. That to me is bonus, that kids still rock out to these things. Those of your commenting negatively, tell me when was the last time you went out raving with any regularity. This is what they do, what you did, the difference is we have social media in which to challenge the status quo. Everywhere you went you got skin, not so much at raves I agree, some girls spanked it though, but hardly shocking at all. They look great for fucks sake! Actually this attire was far more common at clubs. Its not a stetch, shit gay blokes, and sungod supermarios coke heads never wore a shirts for like 10yrs. Worse?? when trannies exposed too much. This is tame compared to some of the rot those dirty buggers got up to. So really whats the difference? Well the old crew might not like to hear this but those on the right would also get into clubs like they do in these pics no worries. However those on the left would have never had a chance?  They were dirty sweaty ravers!   Also fashion is its own monster. If one chick started bringing some fresh or sexy look, then I guarantee it would soon be imitated, after all they say its the greatest form of flattery.  Style is style, and I think the selection of pictures on the right was not out of place in clubs back then, more so ravers were ravers. So the argument, that was not what raves were about - yeah I see that point but hardly worth beseeching individuals when those looks were elsewhere. Ravers had their own style/look and it was only welcome in certain venues.  Look, I think what is important is if you feel good, comfortable in your look then go for it. Raves were always an expression of self, just as finding ways to show skin falls down more to the individual.  OK, “PLUR” seriously, the frrrk ever ran around saying that shit? You were there to dance your arse off homie, you made your patch and avoided the talc clowns to ya right, or the psycho jumping into the mid of the dancefloor with some massive fluro glowing pole whizzing around his head. Cosplay is no different to the Carnies that twirled breathed fire, or batons. Raves bring out the circus in us all… The quality of the Cosplay might not be as dedicated sure, but raves have always had at their core an essence of character The other thing that must be said which the old skool crew may not like hearing, but its true, getting into a rave was nothing flash! There was no discrimination. Rave parties were not at the top of the social heirachy, if anything as mentioned many times it was a sub culture, just as ravers weren’t the benchmark in terms of movers, groovers, players and shakers.  I mention this because Ive noticed this happens quite a lot on social media, the need to badge up. The need to self promote, to be the ultimate authority on what took place. You know the type. This thread is full of it, I own that record, so I said to Sasha can you play such and such white label mix, I went to every single rave at blah blah blah…did you know this sample is from blah blah…and the classic. I have this on vinyl and I first dropped this track (insert earliest possible date before anyone else haha and such and such venue) Gives me the shits. Its not a competition.  When I name drop Moby (and tell peeps I went to his private bday party in 2003 there is naturally some part of me that enjoys the hero-burgerish nature of that story, its impressive because I find it impressive and only do so as a reference point to convey just how wonderful those years in the clubs/raves were. Can only wish the next and the next and the next generations love it and have as much fun. What I DONT understand though, which someone posted WAAAAYYY up this thread is why do the kids today love these tracks that in our day would have been considered horrible, downright shit! THAT TO ME IS THE BIGGEST MYSTERY OF ALL …otherwise….besides that…rock on!

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