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11 Science "Facts" That Are Actually Myths

Don't believe everything you hear, kids. Especially if you hear it from your mad scientist grandpa. Tune into Rick and Morty, only on Adult Swim.

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The Brontosaurus was actually just an Apatosaurus. During the "Bone Wars" of the late 1800s, Othniel Charles Marsh discovered the partial skeleton of a dinosaur he named the Apatosaurus. Two years later, his fossil collectors uncovered a second skeleton that he thought belonged to a different dinosaur. He named it Brontosaurus.

Turns out, this second skeleton was just a more complete Apatosaurus. And while the error was eventually corrected, the name Brontosaurus lived on, possibly because it's a more intriguing name: Apatosaurus means "deceptive lizard" while Brontosaurus means "thunder lizard."



You do not swallow eight spiders in your sleep every year. There are so many factors against this happening that it's ridiculous. A spider would have to wander by your bed (which they rarely do). It would have to climb onto your moving, unconscious body (which doesn't always stay still). It would then have to be attracted to your giant, gaping mouth (which may not even be open). And you'd then have to actually swallow it (which doesn't happen to everything that's in your mouth).

Next time you see a spider, see how it reacts to a hot breath of air (not well! — it will probably run away, and your friends will think you're weird).

Don't believe everything your mad scientist grandpa tells you.

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