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17 Signs That You Are Totally Blowing This Break-Up.

It's cool. We've all made these mistakes.

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You're still texting them small talk all the time.


"How's your mom?" "How was that exam?" "Did your record label end up pulling your albums from Spotify?" You might as well just text, "Hey, I want to talk about 'us' but I'm hoping you'll bring it up first, so lemme just throw this grenade in your lap."

You're waiting too long to start dating again.


At some point, saying "I'll get out there again when I know I'm ready" is like saying "I'll dive into that pool once I'm already soaking wet." Just go for it.

You aren't forging new friendships.

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Now is the perfect time to make a change, meet new people, or call casual acquaintances up from the bench. Besides, your current friends are so sick of hearing about this relationship.

And, most importantly, you haven't made your "Getting Over It" playlist yet.

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Here's Track 1; my gift to you. Good luck!

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