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Watch Out For This New Social App


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A new social app called RatherME will hit the app store in September 2017. According to the site, RatherME aims to

“become the go-to dating app for millennials across the globe by adding a social gaming twist to the standard dating process.”

The CEO of RatherME told Buzzfeed he was inspired to create this new app as mobile dating is no longer fun and interactive. He adds “the core feature of swiping left and right on one profile is overused and monotonous.”

Instead of repeatedly swiping through a dull stream of people, RatherME adds true gamification by including a second profile and asks you to pick the person you’d rather connect with.

The idea is to combine a “who’d you rather” game element to traditional dating. If someone rathers you too, a match is made!

While other apps will leave you in the dust when it comes to the crucial chat game, RatherME has your back. Need help breaking the ice or planning a date?

RatherME provides customized date suggestions by comparing mutual interests between you and your matches, ensuring a chance to build a lasting connection.

RatherME understands that your matches aren’t the only connections you care about, however. In order to incorporate a competitive social element to your dating experience, we have introduced a pioneering Community section where you and your friends can set up custom rather matchups and tournaments.

Have some fun with your friends and create your own "who’d you rather" matchups and watch as the community votes on who they rather between two.

We bring you the first ever app where girls can finally settle the debate on who guys rather and guys can settle the debate on who girls rather. Based on your performance in the app,

RatherME has leaderboards where you can see where you rank amongst friends, your local community, and globally.

Are you ready? Join the movement by signing up for early access on our website and following us on social media. Join us in our mission to bring fun back into mobile dating

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