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Some Quotations From Susan Orlean’s New Yorker Article On @Horse_ebooks That Make Susan Orlean Sound Like @Horse_ebooks

"Horse_ebooks, in particular, has inspired fan fiction …" says Susan Orlean’s article on @Horse_ebooks in last week’s New Yorker.

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art is even harder

it is usually distributed free, it is hard to collect and monetize

to tomatoes and pyramids

cur-rent best-sellers "Forbidden Psycholog-ical Tactics," "Sexual Fun and Games for Christian Couples," and "How to Buy and Sell Real Estate

secret of the machine is that it wasn't

"de-contamination is well under way!"

October, I received an e-mail

coffee-drinking. ("Time

a hundred thousand followers and posts nothing


considered and then rejected the idea of telling a story

I answered, I heard the caller

and "Demand Furniture"?

did you happen upon a You-Tube channel

who acknowledged that he owned

illogical, like a self

white back-ground, and a calm male

tweet—that is, time

Googled words and names in order

designed to be emotional

Ma-chines never sleep

avoided answering

inspirational guides and financial-advice books

thirty, but

wanted to attempt an identity

Art has never been


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