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    31 Signs You Grew Up In Aberdeen

    The glorious Granite City.

    1. Your favourite bird is the seagull

    Via Flickr: lwr

    Noisy buggers.

    2. You love a rowie or two


    Because lard.

    3. You know the beach is amazing

    Via Flickr: 26614661@N00

    Although it only looks like this about twice a year.

    4. You even used to think it was totally normal to swim here

    Via Flickr: bobthelomond

    At least until you were old enough to know what hypothermia was.

    5. You were secretly proud when Peep Peeps was on Britain's Toughest Pubs


    Even though you never actually went in.

    6. Every night out ended in Amadeus

    Via Flickr: 31344171@N03

    Even though, you know, it was Amadeus.

    7. You know that Big Aggie from Torry is the best thing on YouTube

    View this video on YouTube

    "I'm goin' ta murder yoo!"

    8. Apart from this

    View this video on YouTube

    Up the Dons!

    9. You thought big buildings in all cities looked like this

    Via Flickr: simonvarwell

    Mmm, granite-y.

    10. In fact, you're still suspicious of any building that isn't grey

    Via Flickr: bobthelomond

    Lovely, lovely granite.

    11. Your granny used to shop in here

    Via Flickr: simonvarwell

    This is also where you got your school uniform from, but that was the only time you ever actually went inside.

    12. This is a fly cup and a funcy piece

    Via Flickr: jenosaur

    Worth going all the way to the garden centre for.

    13. You thought being able to see the continuity announcers on ITV was totally normal


    And only realised it wasn't when you went south of Dundee and noticed that everywhere else had done away with it years ago.

    14. You watched this bloke on children's TV


    Even though you had no idea what he was talking about.

    15. This man is the "former Aberdeen manager"


    Up the Dons!

    16. Going to see Spike the Talking Cactus was enough reason for a day out

    Via Facebook: Reinstate-Spike-The-Talking-Cactus-at-Aberdeens-Duthie-Park

    It was even worth trailing around the rest of the Duthie Park Winter Gardens for.

    17. Stonehaven Outdoor Pool was a really exotic road trip

    Via Flickr: ilike

    Just like being on holiday. Only in Stonehaven.

    18. You had to read Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song at school


    Although you had to admit it was pretty good.

    19. Despite that, you were disappointed the Grassic Gibbon Centre had nothing to do with monkeys

    20. You're totally over the Northern Lights

    Via Flickr: op_timus

    Because you've seen them loads.

    21. But nothing was more exciting as a kid than going to Codona's

    Via Flickr: spoiltcat

    Especially when one of your mates had a birthday party at Ramboland.

    22. You know that Dunnottar is a proper castle

    Via Flickr: leguan001

    Ruins on rocky outcrops FTW.

    23. And that haddock is the only fish to have with a chippy tea

    Via Flickr: 79796956@N00

    Especially from the Ashvale.

    24. These street signs make you happy

    Via Flickr: 79796956@N00

    Particularly those little hand bits on the end.

    25. You're an expert at having the exact fare ready when getting on a bus

    Via Flickr: hunter0405

    Even though most places in the outside world will give you change.

    26. You used to watch Aberdeen Cable

    View this video on YouTube

    Although it was spectacularly rubbish.

    27. Your friends' dads all worked in the oil industry

    Via Flickr: suncorenergy

    Probably somewhere like this.

    28. What they actually did was a mystery, but you were pretty sure it had something to do with pipes

    Via Flickr: isadocafe

    Lots of pipes.

    29. And you know that, although some things about Aberdeen aren't what they used to be

    Via Flickr: roger_g1

    The Dons haven't won anything in, ahem, quite a while.

    30. And some favourite places are sadly missed

    Via Facebook: OneUpRecords

    The legendary One Up Records, probably where you bought the second Geneva album out of Aberdonian loyalty.

    31. You know that it's still the greatest city in the world

    Via Flickr: bestviewedfromabove

    (Warning: slight exaggeration. But only a slight one)

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