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Teach Your Child To Swim

Infant Swimming

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Most parents wish to give their children swimming lessons as soon as possible in order to get ahead and reassure themselves of the risks of drowning

And they are right!

•Swimming exercises will teach your child the safety rules to survive in the event of an accident.

•Swimming enhances the strength and endurance of your child.

•Swimming also improves your child's coordination and sense of balance.

There are several reasons to make sure your child can swim - but the most important thing is that knowing how to swim could save their lives or help someone in an emergency and needs someone saved.

Parents should also know how to swim and it is never late to learn how to swim. Adult swimming lessons are available in ordinary classes and a private instructor is always an option.

The advantages of a child learning swimming, are: it will later allow them to participate in swimming competitions, enjoy swimming, social activities with other children, be ready for military service (if Choice) and will provide an activity for the family to enjoy the whole.

Children who learn to swim can use swimming aids to help them feel safer. But, these should never be used as a substitute for adult supervision. The adult should never leave a child unattended or look away for a second-because it does not take long for an accident to occur. Some accidents can be avoided with constant monitoring.

Swimming lessons are perfect to give the child the basic idea of swimming techniques

The Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy offers different levels of swimming tuition including one for parents and toddlers. There are swimming classes that will certainly meet your child's needs and there is an option of hiring a private instructor.

Train your child to swim and you will give them the gift of a lifetime they will always have and will be able to use and enjoy when the moment arrives.

We take pictures when they begin swimming and during swimming classes to keep a record of their progress and achievements as the years go by. These will be precious memories for you and your family for generations to come.

Smile for the camera!

Surrey Dolphins Swim Academy offers an exclusive video service, capturing your swimming journey using GoPro technology.

At the end of your lessons, watch how your technique has improved before your very eyes. Call 07837650714 or email to enroll now for Autumn term!

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