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Find A Cheap Flight: 10 Tips For Buying A Plane Ticket At The Best Price

Getting Great Airline Deals

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Finding a cheaper flight is often a way to earn a little buying power for your vacation budget? But when and how to buy a plane ticket at the best price

How To Find A Cheaper Flight?

The Internet, through a large number of airline engines, travel agency websites and flight comparators, has given tourists an infinite number of opportunities to buy at any time and at any price...

It is not that simple to find latest airline deals in seconds or a few clicks, especially since it is frequent during a search, that the price for the same request differs greatly according to the sites, the Times of the search and type of request.

10 Tips To Buy A Plane Ticket And Find A Cheaper Flight

Five keywords dominate when it comes to buying a cheap plane ticket or at the best price:

•To anticipate

•Avoid (some research moments)

•Be flexible (even if you have fixed dates, do as if it were not)



Compare To Find A Cheaper Flight

- Check that your flight comparator is reliable

To find the right comparator: test the reliability of your engine or comparator by checking the prices and especially their evolution after 30 min

You have to make the same search (dates and destinations) on several comparators simultaneously and check the price between an instant T (initial search) and from the 30th minute.

The most reliable comparator is not only the one offering the lowest prices, but the one that does not change its prices significantly between the two searches.

Here is a known flight comparator: Smart Trips.

You can count on it any day.

Going To The Right Time

- Prefer the days of departure/arrival during the week

Whenever possible, it is often more advantageous to leave mid-week, as weekends are generally very popular and airplanes have good filling rates, so companies are not tempted to Ensure better filling.

- Travel outside school holidays, public holidays and major events

Of course, if you are conditioned by your children's holidays, this advice is not valid but anticipation remains the golden rule and you could get an advantageous price by booking between 5 and 6 months before your departure.

If you do not have any constraints, avoid school holiday dates in your country and possibly also in the countries where you are traveling and avoid local holidays or in the country where you are traveling and major events (fairs, events Cultural or sporting events, international concerts) that could give rise to demands!

If not, did you think that Friday 13 were dates that the superstitious often avoid which results in good discounts to fill the planes?

Similarly, although it may seem strange the third Monday in January is considered the most depressing day of the year and is the subject of tariff efforts to encourage people to travel to better live this moment, studied by researchers who have established a set of parameters likely to explain the moroseness of that day.

Adapt As Much As Possible

- Stay flexible on your dates

Ideally it is better not to show that you are constrained by a date by accepting a range within a few days, not to inform too much the commercial sites and to see the IP Tracking influence the prices!

- Simulate from several national or border airports

Do not limit yourself to an airport of departure or arrival ... Think of all the airports accessible from your place of residence including outside the borders. Check also prices if you can get to an airport of a border country (Brussels, Geneva, Franckfort etc) ...

You can find better offers from these countries. Also consider several airports of arrival in the country, if you wish to realize a circuit and not a stay from a single point of fall. From now on, the development of bus networks in Europe with Flixbus , Ouibus , in particular, allows you to connect airports at lower costs and possibly lower the price of your trip!

Buy At The Right Time

- Anticipate but not too much!

The last minute rarely offers the best deals set apart on ticket exchanges. The most favorable time to buy a cheaper plane ticket is 2 months before departure. Never book more than 6 months in advance: between 5 and 6 months in case of departure on imperative dates during the school holidays, but never beyond, especially if you want to take advantage of a low cost flight, which would be unavailable .

- Avoid certain days and hours for your searches

When to buy a plane ticket is an essential question? Prefer the very low hours: between 11 pm - midnight and 6 am with a predilection for the slice between 3 am and 6 am.

Avoid searching between 12 pm and 2 pm between 6 pm and 10 pm.

Also avoid daytime searches on weekends and Mondays and Fridays. The best offers to buy an airline ticket are systematically on Tuesday. On the other hand Monday is often a more economical day so if you can afford it privilege a departure or arrival day on Monday.

What you need to know: Technological tools adapted to marketing strategies can encourage customers to buy faster or cause a purchase that had not been triggered during the 1st or 2nd research. Companies constantly adjust their prices according to the filling rates for a given flight. From time to time, a ticket price can move up and down depending on the time and the day you are searching for.

Take Time To Check Everything

- Check the price on the comparator and direct the link on the website

Before buying an airline ticket via a flight comparison, keep your browser window open and also look at the price offered by the airline: it happens that a ticket is cheaper than on the comparator, Especially for low-cost airlines who book their best prices by their engine.

- Check the hidden fees, taxes and insurance included in the price of your ticket

These items, as well as luggage, may not be understood and increase prices, especially in low-cost offers. Similarly, some insurance is included without necessarily being necessary and it is possible to lower the price by unchecking them. Conversely, "hidden" fees (fees, bank card, luggage etc ...) are almost never displayed!

- Do not limit yourself to a comparator

Eventually, despite the promise of getting quick offers, searching the internet to find a cheaper flight can be tedious. If the flight comparator is convenient and fast, it is recommended not to be restricted to it. Visit the company website to see what price it offers.

Similarly, there are online flight exchange service specializing in dry flights and cheap flights opportunities around the world. You can find excellent offers. The airlines also offer temporary or permanent discounts and reserve them at their site.

It is worthwhile to check the prices on several media before buying a ticket whose price seems interesting.

If you are in a hurry, you can stop your reading here. On the other hand, if you want to understand in detail these tips and the strategies that explain them, do not hesitate to continue, because you will also find technical tricks to find a cheaper flight, to prevent the bad surprises and to guarantee you the best conditions of research…

For geeks do not hesitate to use a VPN like Total VPN to check the reliability of websites and comparators in terms of IP Tracking and to obtain perhaps better prices by connecting you from other countries than US.

For more info you can quickly look here.

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