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Here Are Top 10 To-Do’s When Trying To Conceive

How To Boost Male/Female Fertility And Improve Sperm Quality?

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Are you currently trying for a baby?

Then you should know that men too can do many things to increase their fertility to better their chances of conception. Indeed, up to 60% of infertility cases can be down to the male.

Fortunately, the quality of his sperm (and therefore your fertility as a couple) is significantly improved by the man’s diet and lifestyle choices, as in the woman.

Read on for our five tips for male fertility and five tips for couples to get pregnant faster.

1.Boost Your Fertility By Adopting A Balanced Diet

Diet plays a huge role in male fertility. To boost fertility and allow the body to produce more healthy sperm, it is important to pay attention to what is on your plate.

To increase sperm quality, focus on foods rich in antioxidants that protect you from free radicals caused by pollution, stress hormones, UV rays or tobacco. Say yes to green vegetables, fruits, legumes, vegetable oils, nuts, green tea, dark chocolate and spices (curry, turmeric, ginger).

Foods rich in magnesium, vitamin B9, selenium and zinc are also recommended. In addition, multiple studies have shown that the amino acids L-carnitine, L-arginine, L-cysteine, L-glutathione and the coenzyme Q10 improve male fertility.

Omega-3s also affect sperm quality. These healthy fatty acids are found in walnuts and walnut oil, cold waterfish (salmon, herring, anchovies), rapeseed and soybeans.

Most of these fertility-enhancing nutrients can be consumed via male fertility supplements.

Also, avoid processed foods at all costs, because they reduce fertility. Avoid frozen foods, chips, cheap sausages, kebabs, burgers, cold cuts and pastries for a while.

Go organic

It is increasingly understood that processed foods disrupt male endocrine glands and healthy male hormone production. This poses a serious risk to fertility. They are also suspected of causing testicular cancer.

These endocrine disruptors are also found in everyday cosmetics, household products and paints. They are also present in fungicides and pesticides: either in what we eat. So be careful.

Pro Tip: Learn to cook and take a male fertility supplement. has tested & compared 12 popular products, which will enhance sperm quality. Start taking them as soon as possible, because new sperm cells take 3 months to fully mature before they are ready for ejaculation.

2. Maintain The Right Temperature For The Scrotum

To promote the health of your spermatozoa, be aware that it is advisable to keep them at a temperature 2 ° lower than the rest of the body.

After all, that is the reason why mother nature has kept the scrotum outside of the male body’s core. Avoid saunas, hammams and jacuzzi, tight pants and laptop on the lap.

Pro Tip: Although there is no formal research, daily cold so-called James Bond showers are thought to supercharge male fertility.

3.Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco

Both women and men benefit from reducing their alcohol consumption during the time they want to conceive. Indeed, research has shown that both alcohol and tobacco significantly reduces both male and female fertility. On top of this, the also promote erectile dysfunction.

The same is true for all recreational drugs.

It is also known that weight is a factor that can interfere with male fertility. Obesity, overweight and thinness all have negative effects on sperm quality. Having a balanced diet and practicing a regular sport activity (but not excessively) is the ideal recipe for maintaining a stable weight and therefore producing good quality sperm.

Pro Tip
: Stopping to smoke will immediately improve your overall health and therefore your sperm quality.

4.Manage Stress

We now know that stress hormones make it difficult to conceive. Practicing a sport regularly, learning yoga, Mindfulness meditation and other relaxation exercises can help you manage your stress. Some activities, such as drawing or gardening, are also excellent for relaxing.

Also, learn to sleep better and deeper. Google is your friend.

Pro Tip: Ashtanga Yoga stimulates your sacral chakra and mindfulness meditation allows you to calm your mind. Read more on

5.Lift weights

Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, military press and deadlifts and so-called compound exercises, because they several muscle groups at once.

They are an efficient way to exercise allowing you work more muscle in less time. They increase testosterone production and make you sleep better and deeper.

Finally, nice chests, legs and backs make men look better. This makes them more confident and increases libido.

Pro Tip: Try the stronglifts 5 x 5 exercise programme to supercharge your testosterone. Use a personal trainer to show you the correct technique.

5 Tips to Get Pregnant Fast!

If you have trouble conceiving a baby, try these tricks!

1. Work Out Your Exact Ovulation Date

Naturally, having lots of sex regularly is the best way to get pregnant quickly. However, timing is everything.

You need to be able to forecast the time when the so-called Luteinizing Hormone surges in your body. This is called the LH-Surge, which happens just a few hours before ovulation. You can check your LH-Levels cheaply with urine strips and various other digital ovulation gadgets.

Pro Tip: Work out your exact ovulation date using multiple methods as the same time. Use urine strips, chart your temperature curve using a basal body thermometer and check the viscosity of your cervical mucus. These methods are well explained on

2. You Must Have Sex Four Times in 36 hours - Before, On and After Your Ovulation Date.

Once you know your likely ovulation date you need to have sex four times in 36 hours. First, the night before ovulation, a second time on the morning of your ovulation date, a third time in the evening of the ovulation day and a fourth time the morning after ovulation day.

Once you ovulate, the egg only survives for approximately 12 hours. It is therefore vital that lots and lots of sperm cells are present inside the uterus to fertilise the egg.

Having sex four times in 36 hours ensure the enough sperm will be present.

Pro Tip: The male partner should abstain for 3 days before the likely ovulation date. This will elevate the semen volume of his first ejaculation and provide more sperm.

3. Have Sex In Positions That Keep Sperm In The Womb Longer.

The missionary position is effective when you are trying to get pregnant. Avoid positions where the woman is standing or on top, because gravity will allow sperm to escape in these positions. Do not get up right after sex. Try to relax and leave the sperm as long as possible in the vagina.

Pro Tip: After sex keep lying on your back and elevate your pelvis. It is thought that this helps the sperm cells swim deeper and faster into the uterus.

4. Have A Well-Balanced Diet

We know how much food plays on our health. Recent studies have shown that it also influences fertility. Avoid extreme weight-loss diets when you are trying to conceive. They may help you lose weight, but can have a hormonal impact against fertility.

So it's best to stop the restrictions a few months before you want to get pregnant. Too much sugar increases the production of adrenaline, the hormone that will interact with progesterone whose role is to prepare the uterus for a possible pregnancy.

So stay in the best shape possible by following a proper diet and do exercises regularly.

Pro Tip: Eat green “cruciferus” vegetables like spinach and roccoli every day.

5. Do Not Set A Time Limit To Get Pregnant

Most couples want to get pregnant as soon as possible. Do not let anyone set expectations on how quickly you have to get pregnant. Doing so only create stress, which in turn can interfere with your actually ability to conceive.

Pro Tip: Enjoy the journey of getting pregnant. Savour and enjoy the quality time you have alone as couple. Once your child arrives, this time will be gone for many years until the child learns to be independent.
Sometimes patience is the greatest of virtues. If you do not get pregnant after a year, consult your doctor for advice.

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