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Young Boy Born Without Fingers Gets Amazing New "Iron Man" Hand

“Now instead of being teased at school for not having fingers, he is stared at for his cool hand.”

Three-year-old Rayden Kahae was born with fingers missing on his right hand because of a condition called amniotic band syndrome.


While the young boy, who lives with his family in Hawaii, is pictured here in a Superman costume, his actual favourite superhero is Iron Man.

So imagine his joy when a charity created a prosthetic hand for him styled on his favourite character's suit.

Here he is showing off his amazing new hand.


Kahae was given his hand by E-Nabling the Future, a charity which describes itself as "a network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to give the world a 'helping hand'".

The group was started by two people who helped create a prosthetic hand device for a child in South Africa.

The movement now creates the devices for children around the world.

Kahae waited excitedly for weeks for his new hand to arrive, his family revealed.


His grandmother Rulan, who got in touch with E-Nabling the Future, is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: "'Almost daily Rayden would ask if his Iron Man hand had arrived in the mail. Every box he saw us carry into the house, he immediately thought it was his Iron Man hand.

"The evening the box came in, mom, dad and siblings all surrounded Rayden in anticipation of him opening the box."

'When his mom put the Iron Man hand on Rayden, he immediately closed the hand and began playing with it and staring at it," she added.


"He held his own hand and told his parents 'I can hold my own hand', then started using both of his hands to hide his face," the boy's grandmother revealed.

"Rayden's still learning to use his Iron Man hand on a daily basis. Because the muscles in that arm were never really used before, it will take a little time before he'll be really comfortable with it."

"Now instead of being teased at school for not having fingers, he is stared at for his cool hand."