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    Someone Has Recreated The Famous Courtroom Scene From "A Few Good Men" Using Dogs

    You can't handle the woof.

    Remember John Oliver's brilliant piece from earlier this month when he dubbed the audio from the US Supreme Court over animals playing the roles of the judges? Here it is again if you missed it:

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    Oliver created the footage because cameras aren't allowed into the Supreme Court but audio recordings can be played.

    Most news stations choose to play the important deliberations over dull sketches of the judges or the courtroom.

    To try and get broadcasters to make their coverage from the Supreme Court more enticing, Oliver released 10 minutes of footage of the dogs without any audio and said they could use it for any court cases of their choosing.

    Well now someone has taken the footage to its obvious conclusion – recreating the famous courtroom scene from A Few Good Men.

    (Click the volume icon to turn sound on).

    Introducing A Few Good Animals:

    You can watch the clip in all its glory here:

    View this video on YouTube