Woman Throws Her Prosthetic Leg At Tubby Robbie Williams Impersonator

“It’s good to dance even if I only have one leg.”

1. Heather Williams lost her leg in an accident in 2010, but she clearly isn’t letting that stop her having a good time.

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

2. The 47-year-old was caught on video at the weekend dancing along to Blobbie Williams, a Robbie Williams impersonator, at GuilFest 2014.

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

3. The impersonator, who describes himself as an “international tubby popstar”, can be heard saying “Jesus, you’ve taken your leg off” during his performance of “Angels”.

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

4. He then asks Heather to pass him her leg. Which she duly does.

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

5. Look at it fly.

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

6. She told GetSurrey.co.uk afterwards: “I used to go to Glastonbury. I work in horse racing and lost my leg through a stupid accident at work.

“This is the first festival I have been to since. [The accident] was in 2010.”

7. She added: “He [Blobbie] sings with a lovely voice.”

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

“I’m here to have fun and to dance again.”

8. “It’s good to dance even if I only have one leg.”

Get Surrey / Via youtube.com

9. “Blobbie” has been sharing coverage of the video as it spreads across the internet, including this version from a different angle.

Well done, Heather. You’re a superstar.

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