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Woman Launches Appeal After Her Late Baby Daughter's Hat Is Stolen

Katie McGregor’s daughter died not long after she was born.

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Inside the bag was a hat belonging to her daughter who died not long after she was born last January.

Via Facebook: findisobelhat

The police have so far been unable to help McGregor find her bag, and more importantly the hat, so a friend has helped her launch an online campaign to try and locate Isobel's hat.

My daughter sadly passed away not long after she was born last January and I've carried her little hat with me literally every day, it has not been further than a metre away from me since the day she passed away. It's obviously got huge sentimental value to me; it's like my link to her. And I'd like it back.

She said she put her bag down to buy a drink and when she looked again, "it was gone, within literally seconds".

Via Facebook: findisobelhat

"There was a gentleman lurking around the area that was acting a bit suspiciously and the police think that that probably was who it was.

"Inside it was my laptop, phone, and everything like that and also my personal bag and a little red hat that was crocheted by a friend of mine for my daughter."

She said her bag also included a scarf with butterflies on it and a pig keyring.


The #findisobelhat campaign has now been launched to try and help jog people's memory so they keep an eye out if in the area.

Via Facebook: findisobelhat

McGregor said the campaign has already witnessed 10,000 retweets, with over 1,100 people also joining the Facebook group to help find the little red hat.

A designer from the Facebook group has also designed posters and a printer now has donated 500 flyers and 100 posters.

McGregor is planning on heading back to the area soon with the posters and "as many people as possible".

She added the manager of the Carpenters Arms, Danny, has been "absolutely fantastic" by searching through all the local side streets, checking bins and speaking with the other managers in the area.

Anyone who has any information about McGregor’s stolen bag or her daughter's hat is urged to get in contact using the information on the poster above.

The campaign group can be reached on Facebook or by email: