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Woman Gets Curry House Tattoo So Her Father Can Eat For Free For A Year

Wondering what to get your dad for Christmas this year? Look no further.

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A mother-of three got the logo of her local curry house tattooed on her hip so her father could enjoy free curries for a year.

Mark Sutherland / HEMEDIA / SWNS

Beth Faulds, from Glasgow, got the ink work done after spotting a post advertising the offer on the restaurant’s Facebook page, the Mirror reported.

Her father Norman Ferguson has reportedly been a regular at Shish Mahal for decades.

Mark Sutherland / HEMEDIA / SWNS

The newspaper quoted Faulds, 30, as saying: "I already had a couple of lilies on my hip to symbolise my mother and was struggling to think of an appropriate symbol for my dad."

"So, it's taken pride of place alongside the lilies on my right hip as two symbols of my parents."

Mark Sutherland / HEMEDIA / SWNS

Asif Ali, the owner of Shish Mahal, said he came up with the offer last year while driving past a tattoo parlour.

"I thought to myself 'I wonder who would be crazy enough to get one of those?'” the Mirror quoted him as saying. "I wondered if anyone would get a tattoo of our restaurant.

"I posted it on our Facebook page, thinking that no one would take us up on it but am deeply honoured that they did it.”

Faulds’ 66-year-old father, Norman, said he had been going to Shish Mahal since he was a biology student at the University of Glasgow in 1967.

Mark Sutherland / HEMEDIA / SWNS

The Shish Mahal is well known in Glasgow, with its owners claiming to have invented the chicken tikka masala.