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    Nov 7, 2014

    Woman Dies After Police Find Suspected Cannibal Eating Her Face

    The attacker also died after being tasered by police. Warning: This post contains some graphic details.

    Police are investigating the death of two people in south Wales after a woman was murdered in a reported act of cannibalism and her suspected attacker was killed after being tasered by officers.

    PA Wire/Press Association Images Benjamin Wright

    Gwent police said they were called to an incident at the Sirhowy Arms Hotel in Argoed, Blackwood, on Thursday morning following reports that a 34-year-old man was attacking a 22-year-old woman.

    Officers subsequently fired a Taser at the man and arrested him. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene.

    PA Wire/Press Association Images Benjamin Wright

    A statement from Gwent police said that while the man was under arrest he became unresponsive, and despite the efforts of paramedics was later pronounced dead.

    Police have yet to name the pair or confirm details of their relationship, but local reports named the man as Matthew Williams, 34.

    Wales News Service
    Benjamin Wright/PA

    Wales News Service reported Williams was found eating his victim’s eyeball and half of her face.

    According to ITV, the news service also claims Williams had recently served a five-year prison service for a violent attack on a former partner.

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    The circumstances surrounding his death have now been referred to the IPCC.

    Jan Williams, the IPCC Commissioner for Wales, said in a statement:

    I would like to express my sincere condolences to the families of the deceased at this sad and difficult time.

    Our investigators are gathering all relevant evidence to understand the full circumstances of what happened.

    We have made contact with the man's family, and will be meeting with them later today to explain our role and our independent investigation.

    The Sirhowy Arms Hotel is used by the local council to house homeless people.

    PA Wire/Press Association Images Benjamin Wright

    The village’s deputy mayor told Sky News: “This has hit the community for six.

    "This is the sort of thing you don't ever expect... We've just got to live with it and hope that the hurt goes away – but it will take a long time."

    Police said they are not looking at anyone else in connection with the death of the woman.

    BBC and Sky News are reporting the woman has now been named as Cerys Marie Yemm.

    Wales News Service has released this picture of her:

    Wales News Service

    The Ministry of Justice has confirmed that the IPCC and the Gwent Police will conduct a "serious further offence review" to investigate the circumstances surrounding Williams' release from prison.

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