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Woman Captures Incredible Moment A FIRENADO Rose Out Of A Missouri Field

This is happening far too often.

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Chillicothe resident Janae Copelin has shared this astonishing image of a Firenado rising out of a field in Missouri.

Copelin said the phenomenon was the “coolest/scariest” thing she had ever seen.

She said she had stopped to take a picture of a farmer burning off his field, when suddenly the wind whipped up the “fire twister”.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Leister explained the phenomenon is created when “the heat of the fire rising through the air allows the vortex to strengthen and create the firenado”.

He added: "The firenado can then suck more brush and debris into itself and fuel the fire further."

Copelin told KMCB the sound and heat from the firenado was intense, but it only lasted for a couple of minutes.

In March, a huge firenado was caught on camera at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Denver, Colorado.

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