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    Watch This Man Eat Every Single Burger On The Burger King Menu In One Sitting

    Just the 6,370 calories.

    Burger King recently launched a challenge on Instagram to see if anyone could eat every burger on its menu.

    YouTube personality and competitive eater L.A. Beast decided to accept.

    One man, 11 burgers and a lot of Gatorade.

    For some reason he also put on an electric shock collar for the challenge so his roommate could cause him pain if he started complaining.

    So, with no further introduction – the Burger King Like A King challenge:

    13 seconds and the Gatorade is already needed.

    First burger done.

    Burger 2.

    Burger 3.

    Burger 4.

    You get the idea, he's got a lot to eat.

    Still eating.

    One left.

    This is may have been a bad idea...


    Don't try this at home kids.

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